In a world where most banks prioritize shareholder profits, TranzactCard stands apart by putting its members first. Join now and be part of the change.

The future 
of banking

Use anywhere
VISA is accepted

Exclusive Z-Club

Social Impact

TranzactCard is all
about Win, Win, Win.

With TranzactCard, everyone is a winner.  Here are a few of the great features of TranzactCard:

VISA Bank Card
FDIC Insured
Power Spending
Power Saving

Changing the World 
One Swipe at a Time. 

TranzactCard is all about positive social impact.  Here are some of the many ways TranzactCard is changing the face of banking: 

Double Your Buying Power
Online Marketplace With Everyday Products
Private Secure Banking System
Artificial Learning Technology 

You've got questions? 
We've got answers.

TranzactCard is (a) the digital and plastic transaction card that carries the approved Visa® bank card brand and can be used anywhere in the world that Visa is accepted, and (b) the public facing brand of the TranzactCard Financial Ecosystem.

Your bank card comes with your TranzactCard Account, a banking account like the checking accounts traditional banks offer. To use your bank card, you’ll need to deposit funds into your account.

It is a privately developed members-only ecosystem that includes state of the art financial technologies, an e-commerce platform, for the purpose of creating economic uplift for its member constituents in ways not available in any other product or system in the USA.

TranzactCard LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of TZT Holdings LLC. TZT Holdings owns the brand “TranzactCard” and the TranzactCard Financial Ecosystem. While the entire ecosystem is designed to operate like a self perpetuating for-profit enterprise, its structure is more akin to a foundation, or trust, or not-for-profit organization, where the majority of proceeds are returned to the benefit of its constituents, the TranzactCard Members, rather than a handful of shareholders. TranzactCard is managed by a board of directors and supported by an experienced executive team.

TranzactCard works with banking fee structures and manufacturer distribution systems to rearrange profits and pricing, making products and services more affordable. Every time you use your Tranzactcard for purchases and paying bills, Visa processes the transaction and charges an interchange fee to merchants for the service. TranzactCard receives a portion of this fee.

Tranzactcard negotiates with manufactures to receive the best pricing on Z-Club merchandise, then passes those savings to the customer in the Z-Club and the Z-Bucks program.

This is how TranzactCard can continue building new and better products and services for members to get the most from their money.

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